Sacramento Valley Soaring Society is excited to announce the SVSS Spring Fling for 2019. This is our 28th annual two-day thermal duration contest held in Davis California (near Sacramento). The event will be held on April 13-14 at the SVSS club site in Davis, CA. 

Classes - The classes offered are: Unlimited, RES 
and ALES-TD. Woody class sailplanes are welcome but will fly in their span/function class. Junior, Senior, Open combined, no Gray Cup class. ALES-TD will require altitude limiters set to 150 meters and will be integrated into the overall flight order matrix, will launch in sequence, similar to all other classes, and will use the same graduated landing as Unlimited.

Entries - You may enter two classes. Entry forms available at, click on the "Spring Fling" tab.

Frequency Control - Entry on 72 MHz is limited to 4 entries per frequency, no exceptions without permission of the CD. There will be no transmitter impound, 2.4 GHz is encouraged.

Tasks and Times - Thermal Duration, 
5 minute first flight, 10 minutes until last round, 8 minute last round. Pilots meeting at 8:30am Sat. and Sun., first flight immediately after. We will plan to fly a total of 10 rounds, 6 rounds on Saturday, 4 rounds on Sunday.

Landings - 25' 100 pt graduated landing tape. As in the past, there will be no safety line, it will be up to the pilot/timer to stand where they prefer as long as it does not interfere with an adjacent landing lane. 

Awards - Trophies will be awarded as follows; 1st - 5th place in Unlimited, 1st – 3rd in RES, and 1st -3rd in ALES-TD The 
trophies will be awarded based on the best combined, 2-day scores.

Food – You're on your own for breakfast and dinner, but trays with a selection of Subway sandwiches will be brought to the field Saturday and Sunday for lunch and will be available to those who sign up and contribute $5 before the first round each day. 

Friday, April 12 open flying - the field will be available for open flying on Friday with the exception of early in the day for setup.

Information on local motels, entry fees, entry form, and general information about SVSS and the Davis flying site can be found at the SVSS website: Campers are welcome; however, there are no services and the access gate will be locked (by the park host) from sundown to sunup (this is required). If you do plan to stay on site please only park the campers/
RVs on the west side of the parking area.

Entry fee- $50 for two days for the 
first class entered, $25 for a second class for two days. If you are only planning to fly one day then the fee would be $25 per class entered. 

Contest Director - Jim Thomas (916-390-2975), co-CD Scott Meader

Sign up today so you don’t miss out on this exciting extended weekend of flying & competition!