F5J electric contests started in Europe in 2008-2009 while ALES contests started in the US in 2010. Phoenix finally was the first club in the US to do F5J in October 2014. Since then interest in US-based F5J has increased dramatically starting with the 2017 season and the formation of the F5J USA Tour. A very good informational resource for F5J is the f5j-usa.com website. In particular the F5J Primer page gives a good summary of what F5J is all about. Two good F5J threads are available on RC Groups: F5J USA Tour 2018 and F5J USA Tour 2017.

SVSS ran an initial series of F5J contests in 2015, then took a year off, then started up again in 2017. If you like electric contesting we hope you will come out and join us. It's a blast!

F5J Contests Page

The latest F5J contest scores are always available in the F5J Contest Results Archives and/or in the F5J Contest forum.