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If you haven't made it out to join us, you are missing a lot of fun and excitement. We fly in a man-on-man format with as many as a dozen planes launching simultaneously. We take a short break for lunch with meals ranging from pulled-pork sandwiches, to sirloin burgers. Someone once described our events as a picnic where a contest breaks out.

We welcome both Open and Radian pilots and recognize the top finishes in each group. If you are new to soaring, we have experienced pilots and trainers who can help with a setup or answer your questions. We usually run with 200 meter launches and a 5 meter landing tape. No skegs or varios during contests. Pilots meeting is 9:30 with first flights at 10am. Entry fee is $15 and AMA membership is required. Newbies fly first time free! If you have never flown in an ALES contest give it a try. No charge the first time.

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