September Contest Report

Good for what ALES ya!

This is our ALES page.  Here you'll find scores, photos and commentary from the most recent club contest plus the Year-To-Date season standings.

If you haven't made it out to join us, you are missing a lot of fun and excitement.  We fly in a man-on-man format with as many as a dozen planes launching simultaneously.  We take a short break for lunch with meals ranging from pulled-pork sandwiches, to sirloin burgers.   Someone once described our events as a picnic where a contest breaks out.

We welcome both Open and Radian pilots, and recognize the top finishes in each group.   If you are new to soaring, we have a number of experienced pilots and trainers who can help with a setup or answer your questions.  Our event rules are 200 meter launches with a 5 meter landing tape.   No skegs or varios during contests.  Our Pilots’ Meeting will be at 9:30 and first flights at 10am.  Entry fee is $10 and AMA membership is required.  We haven’t locked down the menu yet, but as always bring your plane and your appetite.

September Winners

Let the throw outs begin!  Seven contests have been completed in the 2017 ALES contest year.  The last two contests, October and November offer the opportunity to improve your standings in the Year to Date rankings.  Only the best seven contests are counted toward your YTD score.  The next two contests give you a chance to replace your two worst contest results.  Be there or be square!

Saturday started cool and overcast, typical for the first days of Fall.  Shortly before the pilot’s meeting the sky opened up to bright sunshine and the promise of a great day of flying.  We weren’t to be disappointed .

Because our tried and true master of ceremonies, Mr. Sheldon Smith was attending (or officiating) a wedding, Aric Wilmunder served as both CD and scorekeeper.  It was delightful to see one of the ALES founders, Ron Kucera in attendance. 

The field looked GREAT, thanks to Scott Meader who’s done a great job all year.  So the stage was set.  We were graced with a beautiful day, under clear skies, flying in a slight breeze from the north, on a magnificently groomed field.  Following the brief pilot’s meeting, 14 pilots were divided into 3 flight groups and off we went!  Thermals were present but the gentle breeze kept us on our toes as we constantly repositioned our planes to follow them as the gently drifted to the south.  Suffice it to say that today was more a flying contest as it was a landing contest.

When we broke for lunch between rounds 3 and 4, we were treated to a pulled pork sandwich lunch that was provided by Kevin Wilmunder who has recently returned from the East Coast.  Judging from his scores, the lad hasn’t forgotten how to fly!  Sherry Shanahan brought some of her delicious homemade cookies for desert.  All in all, it was a great day to be outdoors with good friends engaged in one of our favorite pastimes.

We heard a lot of guys talking about heading to Visalia next weekend for the Fall Soaring Festival.  Our Toys For Tots fun fly and Holiday Awards Banquet will be upon us before you know it. 

ALES Year To Date

September 2017 ALES Scores

Aric Wilmunder - 2nd Place Open, Ron Kucera - 1st Place Foamy, Dudley Dufort - 1st Place Open, Don McCullough - 3rd Place Open, Ed Granger - 3rd Place Foamy