COVID-19 Restrictions at SVSS Flying Site at Grasslands Regional Park:  If you’re two weeks or more from the completion of your COVID vaccinations (1 shot for Johnson & Johnson, 2 shots for all others) and can show your vaccination card if request, no mask is required.  If you have not completed the vaccination series and subsequent two-week period, a mask, worn correctly (mouth AND NOSE covered), is required at all times. 

[ Let's be safe!  Even if you have no regard for your own health, please respect the health of others. ]

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Sacramento Valley Soaring Society has a wide open, beautiful flying field at the Grasslands Regional Park, 4 miles south of I-80 on Mace Blvd in Davis California. We fly gliders, electric planes, and huge cross country ships. New to flying?  Club instructors and mentors offer free training in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.

#1 Have Fun   #2 Refer to Rule #1

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